In a nut shell, here is what you need to do to make it ezi for your baggage.
You obviously have an inquiry, you want to know how it will get there and what it will cost??. Send us a rate request by completing the below ezi-quote form.
Once you have completed the form, we will send you a quotation based on the information provided (please be as specific as possiblle). Once you agree to our price and we have answered all your questions, you will need to confirm your details and accept our quotation.
You will also need to arrange payment either in person (cash) or via secure online payment facilities.
Together with the booking form we will need a packing list. This is basically an itemised list of what you are taking with you as Customs at the destination will need to see this.
Once the booking is confirmed you will be re-directed to our online packing list / customs declaration form which needs to be completed.
That is it, 3 ezi steps, that can save heaps of time, pain and money. Don't forget, whilst we are constantly on line, we are also on the other line,  the telephone line, and we would love to talk to you.
The same applies when you are at some cheap markets, some huge shopping mall, some hotel, somewhere in the world. When its time to come home and you have done your fair share of shopping, this is how you make it ezi.
Send us the same request form by completing the below ezi-quote form. dont forget, you can call us.
Once you agree that our price is cool, fill out this booking form. We will then advise you of our office details closest to where you are and you can then arrange collection or you can drop off to them yourself.
When sending us the booking form, you will be directed to complete our packing list, which again, is basically an itemised list of what you have packed in you baggage. This  will be required by the Australian Customs Service when your goods arrive. 
Finally, the Australian Customs and Quarantine inspection service will also need you to fill an a unaccompanied personal effect statement which you can get a copy of this  by clicking here. The original signed copy of this form needs to accompany the shipment, so please ensure it is handed over to our representative prior to export.
We will also need to see a copy of your passport, which means every single page, blank or stamped, it doesn't matter, it must be every page. You can send this to us via email, fax or mail.
We can then arrange all customs and quarantine clearances and have your cargo ready for collection or delivered to you door.