Going abroad you will need the following documents:
- shipper letter of instruction  click here
this instructs us on who, how, what, and when the goods will be sent. Whatever you put on this document, is how the goods will be treated.
- packing list  click here
this is a list of all the items that are packed in the suitcases, boxes or any other packing container, and this is what will be used by the customs department t at yourdestination, to clear / release your goods.
Coming home, you will need the following documents:
Airway Bill -
This will be given to you by our overseas office/s when you give them your baggage to be sent back to Australia. This is an important document as it prives you are the owner of the goods.
Bill of Lading -
Same as the airway bill only this is for sea freight consignments.
Copy of your passport, every single page, from front to back.
This will be require by the Australian Customs Service to release your goods
Australian Customs Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement
Click here to print a copy.
Original form needs to be submitted to customs so please ensure you provide this to the overseas agent on collection.