How does ezi pick up?
We come to you, at work or home, between 8am and 8pm. Otherwise you can deliver to us and have a coffee and a chat.

What do I use to pack?
You can use suitcases or any other suitable bags, cases, or boxes of any shape and size, as long as they are sturdy and don't have any other labels on them. Label your bags and boxes with our ready and ezi, do it yourself labels.

What is the cheapest way?
That depends on your requirements. When you want your goods to arrive, and what the size of your baggage is. We will give you an option to send via sea freight as well as airfreight, then you choose. Seafreight takes longer obviously and depending on the size, can be cheaper.

Do you provide and do I need insurance?
For small fee we can insure you belongings, if you choose to do so. We recommend it.

How ezi is payment?
All major credit cards are accepted, as are cheques and cash. Any payment by cheque will need to clear before baggage is sent.

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?
No, however, there will be destination charges when your goods arrive and you go to pick them up. If you have requested your goods to be sent to destination airport only, you will be responsible for clearing your goods through customs and paying the relevant air -port charges that will apply. These charges vary from country to country. If you have sent your baggage on our door to door, these charges will already be included in your price, and you shouldn't have to pay for anything else. Any duties and taxes that may fall due are never included in our prices.
How do T get my goods at destination?
If you have sent you goods on our door to airport service, llien you will pick up your goods from the airport once you have cleared them. If you have sent your goods on our door to door service, your goods will be delivered to the nominated address or you can pick p from our office.

Can I pick my goods up as soon as I arrive ?
It normally takes 2 or 3 days to clear goods through customs, again, this varies from country to country. It is highly advisable that we have your goods 2 to 3 or more days before your date of departure.