ezi Baggage Sercives can arrange insurance for your goods from any port or place in the world to any port or place in the world. Including inland Australian domestic transits. (Excluding transits to or from US embargo countries)

Although there is a limit to the amount of coverage we can provide.

Excess Baggage - A$5,000 per customer/ per suitcase/shipment and will cover the cost of Replacement/inventory value. Reasonable cost of repair/restoration in the event of damage.

Premiums vary based on value of goods and will be charged as per the below schedule.

  • Value of baggage



    $200 to $1,000



    $1,001 to $2,500



    $2,501 to $5,000



i) As per Navloss.
ii) As per Navloss. Excluding coverage for items such as cameras, electronic goods, lap tops, mobile phones, watches, jewellery, monies (shares, bonds and securities the like), travellers cheques, tickets, furs, plants, animals.